Monofin eurostandard for children and for adult


Monofin European standard for children is very convenient for swimming.
Quickly put on, quickly removed. Size 23,62 inch will be good for Delfina Sea Queen, Magictail and FinFun tails.

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Comfortable, lightweight and maneuverable monofin for swimming in the mermaid tail.

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Very good monofin European standard for children

Monofin has soft cuffs that do not rub the foot.

This monofin can swim like a mermaid's tail and separately.

This monofin can swim like a mermaid’s tail and separately.

Monofin high quality for a comfortable swimming. It goes to several foot sizes.

We have a large monofin and a small monofin.

Sizes largeĀ is 23,62 inch.

Size smol is 17,72 inch.

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XL (Your height 68-73 inch), 17,72 inch


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