Mermaids -Interested In Art Being, They Sing.

Music under the water

We all love music.

Some of us can play the instruments , sing, dance

or like listen to music,


And how about music for mermaids?

Today we talk about the music under the water.

The murmur of the river is already the music,

but today we will talk about a lot of great music,

and so we go under the water to where live mermaids,

newts, fish, seaweed, shells, Poseidon and Neptune.

Mermaids -Interested in art being, they sing.

Mermaids -Interested in art being, they sing.

Mermaids -Interested in art being, they sing.

It takes place at night, they come to the surface and singing, looking at the moon,

as they sing and lure sailors to himself.

There songs  are very beautiful and smooth,

so the sailors heard these songs

and go for the magical music.

Also, mermaids emerges from the depths

and alternately beat their tails on the water and thereby create music


a mermaid emerges from the depths

a mermaid emerges from the depths


Many people know that if you find a large shell and blow into it,

you get the music.

Music in the  shell

Music in the shell

More some mermaid under water make different musical instruments,

such as the harp,

they play when they are lonely or bored.

mermaids play the musical instruments

mermaids play the musical instruments

Or the flute.

mermaid plays the flute

mermaid plays the flute

or on holidays at the Triton -etu called festive music.


Also, some mermaids playing the flute.

They make their own or they find them at the bottom in the ground,

where lie the wrecks.


They know how to play any instrument at birth,

they have a well-developed musical ear,

so they are great music lovers,

that is when they will lure travelers

and travelers will be a pleasure to play on any instrument,

Mermaid will not touch it, and float away,

this is a very good remedy for mermaids.


Let’s talk a little bit about the holidays,

where there is an underwater music.

And just imagine the underwater palace decorated with pearls,

shells and stones, old Triton sits on the throne,

all decorated with colorful algae, mermaid musician playing the flute,

harps and drums, led by their conductor -krab,

More on holidays necessarily work the dancers are very much made up,

they wear necklaces of pearls and various ornaments,

that would be easier to see them, because they are located in the center of the submission,

mermaids dancing to the music,

and next to them here to swimming fish and create bubbles for the beauty of the holiday,

and not only by a mermaid bubbles better heard music,

played by other mermaids,

most of these festivals organize birthday

one of the daughters of Triton and Neptune in the day.

mermaid dancing and singing

mermaid dancing and singing

Well that’s all we talked about mermaids songs about music and their music festivals.

It’s time to say goodbye, everyone is, most music, sing, dance and create music

and be unique, do not be afraid of mermaids-they are our friends,

because they love music, too, as we do, and maybe more !!!

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