Beautiful Mermaid


Today we will consider just those beings of whose tails we so strongly and for a long time dream. Yes, today we will talk about marine virgins. This European mermaid, who  called a mermaid. According to the canons they are always depicted with a mirror in one hand and a comb for the hair in the other. The prototype was precisely  European mermaid cold Ariel.
Unlike sea maidens from other kinds of mermaids she has a constant tail, he lives in the sea. Unlike sirens punished wings or mavok does not have a tail, sea maiden appearance is always constant. Moreover, the nature of the sea maidens, tales of mythology, is significantly different from sirens or mavok. If the first were Harbingers of death sailors and murderers, and the second – the evil spirits and evil spirits, the European mermaid for such sins are not observed.

By the way, in fairy tales and cartoons about little mermaid depicts just sea maidens. According to legends, they have no soul, but they are very eager to find it. Anderson ever put into children’s heads thought the little mermaid is looking for the soul, human feelings, trying to love the earth guy. But this idea, which has become a stereotype in the opinion of the mermaids, he could think of – like the story was actually. In the 5th century BC mermaid swam every day a monk on a sparsely populated island, read prayers with him. However, the poor girl could not leave the sea, and, weeping, returned there for good.
Also, sea maidens found in epics such as “Sadko”, “Sea King and Vasilisa the Wise.” Marine virgin daughters considered Sea King, but about him, we know very little: According to legend, he preferred to live in the deepest place, very rarely vyplyvem out. It is possible that under the Sea King Europeans understood Babylonian deity named Oannes. By the way, the oldest mention of the semi-fishes have appeared in the state of the Sumerians, and after them the legends and myths went to all the other countries.

The desire to acquire sea maiden soul is reflected not only in fairy tales. Many legends tell the sailors returning home. Mermaids just swimming near the ship, fun and tumbling. Fishermen told that mermaids have bright trunk fish with shiny scales incredibly strong. Their hair was long.
Marine virgin can live in water, but not for long: they occasionally still need to come up and take a sip of air. Oxygen, which many in the water, grabs little fish, but not a mermaid.
By the way, all the stuffed corpses or falsified mermaids – it attempts to portray a sea maiden. At the moment, unfortunately, it is scientifically proven: all provided by “the body of these mermaids” nothing more than a fake.


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