Water Kinds Of Mermaids

Kinds of mermaids

Almost every mythology has mentions of demihumans demi fishes.

Mermaids are always attracted by its mysterious beauty.

Many folks believe that if a mermaid smiles looking at you,

it means good luck will be always with you.

Like many kinds of living beings.

Mermaids can be classified into several types depending on the appearance and habitat.


  1. Bereginuas are good mermaids from Slavic mythology, which protect people from evil spirits. Often they can be founded along the banks of rivers and lakes – hence the name of (“Beach”, “protect”). However, in today’s world, meeting with them will not end with anything good – Bereguinias will avenge contaminated bodies of water.
Bereginuas-kinds of mermaids

Bereginuas-kinds of mermaids

  1. Merman is the owner of the rivers and lakes in the Slavic mythology. It is believed that all fish in the lake belongs to him. And like a good host, merman is constantly grazes his “cows” – catfishes, carps, perches etc. on the bottom. Merman behaves as if he owns a body of water. In the spring he wakes up, he is sleepy and sluggish; If the river is a ripple – then he gets angry when the turbid wave – is running his horses. Merman has a double, who referred to the northern peoples – Ahti.
Water kinds of mermaids

Water kinds of mermaids

  1. Vilas are Serbian winged mermaids. The people are often depict them with hooves. Vily are born from the rainwater that falls in spring on the crops. By their nature, they are friendly, willing to help offended and orphans. But fear their wrath they kill by the look!
kinds of mermaids - mermaids with wings

kinds of mermaids – mermaids with wings

4 . Iaras  are mermaids who came from hot Brasil. Their appearance differs only by  large dorsal fins. The locals were so confident in their existence  that could convince even the came missionaries. Iary are not evil, and not good. Sometimes, in a fit of passion, they carry kissed like crazy men on the bottom.

mermaids kinds - mermaids from hot Brazil

mermaids kinds – mermaids from hot Brazil

  1. Lobasta is the evil mermaid. Perhaps her name was borrowed from Turkic languages where it meant the “evil spirit”. Lobastas looked like an old women with grey skin and long ash-blond hair.At the night thunderstorms. their laughter echoed far through the villages. It was thought that they caused terrible element.
kinds of mermaids - evil mermaid

kinds of mermaids – evil mermaid

  1. Loskotykha is mermaid, which is found on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The etymology of her name is very interesting. Translated from the Old Slavonic – “tickle”. This is the most common type of mermaids, it is considered that such becoming girls who are drowned in the spring, winter or autumn.
kinds of mermaids - mermaid that can tickle to death

kinds of mermaids – mermaid that can tickle to death

  1. Mavkas are mermaids from Slavic mythology. Have deceptive beauty which often use, luring gullible According to legends is unbaptized or unborn children, floaters. Distinctive feature is the long, unkempt green hair.
kinds of mermaids - mermaid from Slavic mythology

kinds of mermaids – mermaid from Slavic mythology

  1. Undines are water spirits. They can be considered as typical of the mermaids: gold hair, green eyes, long tails and languid glance from beneath lush lashes. Undines are spirits and protect nearby waterways from pollutions.
    kinds of mermaids - sirens

    kinds of mermaids – sirens

  2. Merrow is a mixture of fairies and mermaids. And unlike the first, they come into contact with humans more readily. Merrow can even fall in love and give birth to her child (but with squama instead of skin). There are also men Merrow. Unlike the females, they do not have an attractive appearance that does not prevent them to be as cheerful and sociable.
    kinds of mermaids - a mix of fairies and mermaids

    kinds of mermaids – a mix of fairies and mermaids

  3. Newts are men-mermen, originating from Greek mythology. Use shells as musical instruments. Prefer to swim with dolphins.In human history there are many stories about mermen and mermaids. Incredible epics of human courage and bravery, about forbidden love and a sincere happiness. Each of them gave birth to a new kind of demihumans demi fishes, and these stories become even more valuable to us.
    kinds of mermaids - newts

    kinds of mermaids – newts

    11. Sirens – mermaids of Greek mythology. Initially, the sirens were a demi-poluptitsy, with incredibly clear voice. Their appearance changed to the state in which we are accustomed to see him for 3 hundred years. But their main feature – voice – has remained the same. In Russia there is an analogue of the sirens – memoziny.



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