How To Learn To Hold Their Breath Under Water

I am a mermaid! How to learn to hold your breath underwater for long?

Looking at the famous mermaid girls, we wonder – how good they can swim underwater and how nicely and gently they move. But not all of these movements and skills are the most important attribute of a true mermaid.

Professional mermaids can easily hold their breath under water.

Professional mermaids can easily hold their breath under water.

The main thing is to learn how to hold your breath underwater.

In some oceanariums to girls with the tails may be given special tube for breathing,

but how do you think – does it look well?


People are attracted by realism, real talent and qualitative fulfillment of their role.

And for those who can’t hold their breath for a long time underwater, why on such a depth they don’t have a feeling of panic, which often happens when you start to hold your breath harshly and don’t breathe for a while. And for those who also want to hold his or her breath for a long time being underwater, and to be like a real mermaid,

we have prepared a useful article about it:

How to learn to hold their breath under water

How to learn to hold their breath under water

The first thing you need to go is to control your breathing,

or rather control the brain before holding the breath and diving into the water.

To do this, there are plenty of different methods, but among the most effective ones: before you start swimming underwater, you will need to have approximately a week to train your breathing.

Taking a deep breath (without puffing cheeks and filling only the lungs with oxygen) close your eyes and mentally begin to count from 100 to 0.

Or, you can simply start the stopwatch, hold your breath and close your eyes.

But while using this variant you should just forget about the fact that you are holding your breath.

Do not peek on clock, do not wait when 2 minutes will run out,

just relax and free your mind or think about something good.

You can put on headphones with relaxing music: the sound of a waterfall,

forests, underwater melodies and so on.

You can listen to music and try to hold your breath

You can listen to music and try to hold your breath

There is plenty of relaxing music nowadays. For example,

after starting the music imagine that you are a mermaid,

My mermaid tail

My mermaid tail

and don’t pay any attention to the time in the stopwatch.

And believe me, the result will be gorgeous!

While doing this you can put a cloth soaked in cold water on your head,

so cold water could help to relax and pleasantly cool your head.

If you can’t longer hold the air in your lungs – slowly begin to release it.

We repeat – slowly! You can’t release all the air and start breathing.

For starved brain it can be very harmful, everything should happen gradually.

Do this exercise every day, morning and evening.


Also, you can maintain a notebook with records when you have missed an exercise,

or write down your results after each try.

Afterwards, when you will come to the swimming pool or any other place,

you need to prepare your body – take a deep breath, and shortly after that let the air release slowly.


Do this exercise each time for about 2 minutes. And often some people think that before immersion in the water they need to br inhaling deeply and for a long time, but it is not right! Don’t do it under no circumstances! Hyperventilation may occur when the blood is filled with oxygen to much. And with a hyperventilation brain may not give a signal that you need to refill the lungs, which may lead to loss of consciousness, which is very dangerous for life!


Of course, already at the first week of training you will notice improvement in your lung’s volume (if you have not skipped or delayed trainings), and the you will be to hold your breath noticeably more. But during doing the exercises remember – when you swim underwater time of your result in the air will be noticeably reduce. If you can hold breathing for 3 minutes in air, then the in water you will be able not breathe for about 2 minutes or less.


Now, using these simple rules,

you will be able to learn to hold your breath for a long time

and feel as a real mermaid!

You can easily swim underwater

You can easily swim underwater

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