How To Become A Mermaid, If You Do Not Have A Tail

How to become a mermaid without tail

How to become a mermaid, if you do not have a tail?
If you do not have the tail of a mermaid,

but you really want to feel the sea virgin, there are several ways to do this.
1. You can make a blog mermaid.

For example, you can take any notebook with a hard cover,

and then, for example, to find some magazine and cut out all your favorite pictures

(but only on the marine theme).

mermaid diary

mermaids diary

Then you can draw any picture (again on the marine theme) and pasted her book (if not on the cover was painted something on the marine theme).

Then paste the pictures that were cut from the log,

and can write a little about yourself anketku, for example:
3. How many years.
4.Vo many years began to get involved and why mermaids, etc. etc.
Or you can write as if you called in the world of mermaids.

For example, to write his assumed name, assumed name,

what power will have what will be the tail, you can draw it, etc. etc.

If you have been to the sea, you can write about their experiences,

what you ate there, they saw, paint or print photos from a holiday

if it was a dish that you can write the recipe. You can still write about what you get involved.

The best option would be your passion, associated with water.

Then you can draw your sport, you can draw a Mermaid stead.

Or you can draw the kind of sport where you would like to participate.

You can stick the shells themselves, and can put them in sachets and stick them.


2.Tak you can get dressed in the style of the mermaids.

For example, some sites and some shops are selling very interesting things.

There are leggings with painted scales, and T-shirts and jackets printed with the sea,

and all sorts of ornaments in the style of the mermaids and sea.

How to become a mermaid, if you do not have a tail

How to become a mermaid, if you do not have a tail

If it’s summer, will combine well with leggings scales and any T-shirt with a mermaid or something related to the sea.

Just that image can be supplemented, for example,

a bracelet made of shells and starfish and a necklace of the same.

Or you can use the bezel with sea stars and decorated with seashells.

You can learn to do hair style called mermaid tail.
3. If you are going to do the repair, you can make your room in a nautical theme.

For example, it is possible to make the blue wall

and one to do with photo walls which can be represented wave, sea, lake.


In general, everything that you want.

If you try and look for the master,

he can make you a ceiling in a night sky with stars, where they will be lit when you want,

you will simply click on the switch.

Some sites sell these lamps that glow in the dark and the projector, gleaming stars on the ceiling.

More can be done 3D floor.


You can also make a bed, and above it will hang translucent fabric.

But for the most creative, you can find a bed in the form of shells, which is opened and closed.
You can add images that are presented in this article.

Be creative, interesting people, and do not forget the mermaids!

mermaid tail for swimming with red scales and fin fan 3d effect finfun

mermaid tail for swimming with red scales and fin fan 3d effect

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