H2O Just Add Water

H2O Just Add Water

Comparison of the two TV serials

Let’s start with H20.


H20 is a very interesting series, which is better known then another TV serial. Three is three heroines in it – Cleo, Rikki and Emma. But later Emma is changed with Bella. But we can assume that there are 3 heroines. The series begins so:


Clio was helping Zane, but he pushed the boat and it began to float away slowly. Suddenly Ricky jumps into the boat and repairs it with the instrument for which Zane accused Clio and pushed the boat. They get to know each other and began to swim.


Along the way they meet friend of Cleo and Emma begin to drive the boat, because she is very responsible. Their gasoline runs out and they start to paddle oars to the nearest island. They are looking for the signal, but when Clio falls into the cave. To rescue her Ricky and Emma enter the cave. Rikki, Emma and Cleo find a cave with the lunar pond. To reach the exit of the cave they need to swim underwater. Clio does this with great effort, but she succeeds.


So they became mermaids. We will tell about season 3, because there is a new heroine. Rikki and Cleo go to the beach to sunbathe. They lay down and began to think about Emma.


After a while, they go home, but see that some guys trying to persuade a girl to go swimming with them. While the girls pass Bella but notice her strange and beautiful stone. What happens next you can probably guess))


They became friends, and a lot of adventures wait for them, which are connected with future pendants of Emma and Rikki.


Secrets Mako Island, Season 1


In this series also are 3 heroines. Siren, Nixie and Laila. They were born as mermaids, but they were banished because of the fact that Zack fell in the moon pool. Flock accused them in this, and they had to banish them. But before the flock sailed away, Siren Akota gave away lunar ring. Siren, Nixie and Laila lost their power and tails. At first they found a mermaid, and lived with her.


Then they became friends with Zack. When there was a full moon, they thought that if Zack will arrive at the moon pool while the full moon he will lost his power. But when he was there, he gained even more power. Once Zack has discovered that they are mermaids and Zack become an enemy to the mermaids. When they found a trident, Laila wanted to take it away from Zach, but he nearly killed her. But eventually they became friends again.


I hope you enjoyed the article. Bye to everyone, and until the next article!

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