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Aquamarine was an ordinary girl, or rather ordinary mermaid who lived in the ocean. When she reached her adulthood, her father decided to make her marry Rusal, which she did not like. Aquamarine resisted. At the botton of her heart she in core of her heart believed that true love exists, even though everyone laughed at her.

After a long dispute with his father, he decided to give Aquamarine three days to find her true love. To make ii possible for  Aquamarine to arrive on the dry land, he made a strong storm. A  big wave brought her  directly to the pool, which was owned by the parents of a girl called Claire. Claire and Haley had an enemy – Cecilia.

Early in the morning, Claire and her best friend Haley went down to the pool. Claire who could not swim, slipped, and fell into it. In the water, she noticed something strange, like a shark! But then she was pulled out by Raymond, a boy rescue, who girls was in love…

At night girls went back to the pool, and found  a mermaid there! Mermaid had a big, blue tail. This was Aquamarine. They quickly became friends with her, and now Cecilia hated them all, and in the morning, they discovered that she had legs! Aquamarine was incredibly happy about it. She told girls about her problem with the bride. And the girls were happy to help her find true love. Aquamarine liked Raymond. Girls did not immediately want to introduce her to him but friendship for them was more important.

Every day, girls help to drow the attention of Raymond to Aquamarine, but unfortunately, at sunset Aquamarine’s legs turned to tail, and she had to leave Raymond, and he did not enjoy this meeting. Aquamarine lived in the old water tower, which nobody passed through, except for girls. Once Raymond invited Aquamarine to a party, and Aqua began preparing for it. The party was on the pre-last day of Aquamarine’s staying on the dry land and it was necessary as soon as possible to achieve love confession from Raymond, but at the party, he did not do it.

In the evening, Aquamarine run to her tower, but Cecilia with her friends did not follow her. When Aquamarine was already in the tower, Cecilia closed her there. On the next morning girls discovered that the tower are surrounded with cameras, and Cecilia said that she had closed a mermaid yesterday! The girls get really terrified! After all, whole world can discover the truth about Aquamarine, and what will happen to her!?

When a firefighter opened the door, he said that no one was there! Cecilia with embarrassment walked away. The girls ran home.

It turned out that yesterday Aquamarine was saved of their foe, who worked for grandparents of Claire – Leonard. Today was the last day of Aquamarine’ staying on dry land and she as soon as possible had to meet with Raymond. They agreed to meet on the quay. A few minutes later, Aquamarine came running there. When Aquamarine began talking to Raymond  Cecilia came to them  and pushed Aqua into the water and shouted: “Go back to where you came from!”. And then she turned into a mermaid Aquamarine!

Suddenly a storm began! Aquamarine was drawn into the water, down  to the  bottom! The girls, seeing this, immediately rushed to rescue their good friend! Aquamarine hooked so the displacer, and girls saved her! The girls told her they did not want to say goodbye to her because they like her very much. And when teardrop of Claire touched the seawater, the storm immediately stopped.

And so girls showed Aqua’s father that love exists and that it can be different! And Raymond after all accepted Aqua in the way she was, and kissed her! And later, Aquamarine swam away to her home!

So the end of the  story of the mermaid named Aquamarine!

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