The New deneration of mermaid tails is Delfina tails 3D

Learn About Delfina Mermaid! How did Delfina get started making mermaid tails? Meet Mermaid Marina and her team! Your dreams look like  a real mermaid will become a reality!

Mermaid tails model Sea Queen

In 2008 we started manufacturing and selling mermaid tail. We manufacture a variety of monofin, we spent a lot of money for testing to find out which is more convenient flippers to swim like a real mermaid.At the same time, our experts were looking for the best fabrics which are suitable for the manufacture of tailings.We sewed the tails of the most different materials and tested them in the basins and seas. Gradually, through much trial and error we came to choosing the best fabrics. It’s a fabric that will sit well in the figure and will reach and which will be comfortable in the water.  Our designers have picked up a lot of days all sorts of colors tails until they have chosen the most ideal. In studies it has been spent a lot of money.The tails of mermaids, which we bring to your attention, is the result of years of practice in the manufacture of a large team of professionals tails! We are absolutely confident that you will appreciate our tails of mermaids.

Unique tails formed in 3D technology.
And we give a 100% guarantee

that they will like you and your children!

Mermaid Marina-the creator

of these beautiful tails:

mermaid marina and your mermaid tails

mermaid marina and your mermaid tails

“I am very pleased to present you these beautiful mermaid tails. I really love mermaids and the sea, and I love to swim in the tail. But I know that not everyone has the opportunity to buy a real silicone tail. In addition, it is very heavy and can not be taken along for the ride. Therefore, we have developed a special mermaid tails, which are made of fabric. they are light, suitable for children!They are much cheaper. But at the same time, these tails look like real silicone tails. They fins and scales that look like the real thing. I am very glad that you come to our shop and I’m sure we will find you the best mermaid tail for swimming!”

Why you should buy a mermaid tail at us?

  1. Our tails are unique and very beautiful! They are very attractive colors. Our team of professional designers specially developed tail design for you.
  2. You will be comfortable to swim in our tails.
    Each mermaid tail contains a large and easy monofin for swimming.
  3. You’ll look as if you are in a real silicone tail. But our tails are much cheaper.
  4. You immerse yourself in the magical underwater world and become part of it.Swimming in our tail will bring you lots of fun and joy.
  5. We provide a 100% guarantee that you will like our tail. Otherwise, we are willing to refund you.
  6. Swimming in our tails you improve your health. Improve your posture. Swimming in our tails also contributes to weight loss!
  7. Do you know what to give to a child’s birthday? Our fabulously beautiful tail is the perfect gift! 

Your desire to become a real mermaid necessarily true!

We wish you health and prosperity!

Our shop mermaid tail is designed specifically for you.

Here you can buy a mermaid tail to your taste and size.

We will be happy to fulfill your dreams and turn you into the most beautiful mermaid!